Traffic, Leads, Conversions Seminar- Toronto

One name has earned world wide respect in the whole realm of Internet Marketing… Gauher Chaudhry.

Gauher is the creator and vision behind some fabulous internet courses and a process to succeed. Included in these is Pay Per Click Formula 2.0, Pay Per View Formula 3.0, MobiBlueprint, CPA Quantum and other programs.

But more that the quality of his products is the quality of the man!

I choose to follow Gauher because he walks the walk and lives what he teaches. Furthermore, he cares deeply and personally about his friends and students. And…he is always 2 steps ahead of the curve.

Over the weekend Nov 20 – 22, 2010 he hosted a seminar in Toronto and brought together some outstanding speakers and presenters.

Here are some of the presenters:

Jonathan Van Clute, coding for marketers. Some basic (pardon the pun for those who remember that language) understanding on HTML, PHP and Java (the script, not the coffee). During the last day of the event Jonathan also shared some neat “black hat” ideas plus provided a great session Sat night on the new LPGen program (not to mention a helluva deal for attendees).

Waseem Khan provided an excellent update on co-registration an intriguing concept.

Alex Goad of Authority Pro was celebrating his birthday and gave everyone attending a surprise birthday gift of his software. Looking forward to receiving this word press optimizer and implementing its power.

Advertiser 360 is a new project of serial entrepreneur, Peter Nguyen. What an outstanding presentation. Fabulous content and equally powerful motivational component.

And of course, the “leader of the packGauher Chaudhry provided an outstanding path and process to build an online sustainable business using a combination of tools and methods.

The big “AHAH” for me was the thing I already knew, this stuff takes time to learn and implement and it also takes years to become an overnight success… so what else is new?!

BTW, this seminar was 100% content, no pitching, just training and I couldn’t possibly rate it higher, no rehash of old tired material, all new and all great info for the 100 or so attendees who include folks like $50 K/day man Greg Davis of Elite Clicks Media, and many other notable internet success people. Mike Guida of Get Ads was there and co-sponsored the event.

If you want a great place to hang your internet hat, choose Gauher. You can find him on Check out his blog.

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