The Night of the “Decembinator”


90 ft Carolina Poplar Secumbs to the "Decembinator"

The Night of the “Decembinator”

Every so often we get a “reality check”.  This past week was one of those times.

Living on the East coast of North America in Nova Scotia we often get bad weather from the south and from the center of the continent as well, depending on the “jet stream” and other factors.

Most often these weather patterns are referred to as “Nor’easters” because of the circular patterns of the wind which usually blow in from the North East.

Of course, in any cyclonic pattern it depends on where the storm hits as far as ferocity is concerned.

Our storm took place this week on Monday night and unlike most hurricanes, didn’t even have a name!  But it was the storm of my lifetime.

My wife and I were up listening to the constant roar of this beast and finally we drifted of about 2:00 AM only to be awoken by a huge crash.

We didn’t clearly know until morning but the biggest tree on our property came down, an 80 – 90 ft Carolina Poplar that looks 150 yrs old but in truth was only about 50.  Down it came roots and all.  It hit the roof of our house and did some damage but thankfully, it was only the very top of the tree that caught the house.

It is always amazing that the next day, everything was completely calm and peaceful but this monster of a storm without a name; I’m going to call it the “Decembinator”, tore the living dickens out of our community and cut a swath from the south shore to the Bay of Fundy.

One of the saddest parts was the devastation to Berwick Camp, a hundred fifty year old camp owned by the United Church and a place of refuge for people through generations,  Over 50% of the buildings were totaled and a forest of magnificent hemlocks brought to the ground.  Not sure what God was thinkin’!

On top of damage to our yard and house, our nursery operation was completely demolished with only 4 greenhouses in our container yard left standing with plastic still intact.

Needless to say, crews are working to return things to normal.

Just another day in Paradise!

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