I’m Back! – “Product Sumo”

I’m Back! So it has been a while since I showed up here… my own blog. My Bad! 🙂 In my defense, if I ain’t got nothin’ to say, I don’t say it! Today I’ve got something to say. Something BIG and Something that You Can Take To The Bank. And that’s all the hype I’m going to give you, the rest is pure fact! I have been working on some new strategies and opportunities to build components of my own IM business and will soon again share some of more my successes and failures with you! But today I have some awesome exciting … Continue reading

PayPerClick Formula 3.0 – Worth Your Time (And Money)!

PayPerClick Formula 3.0  – Gauher Chaudhry, Worth Your Time (And Money)! It was nearly a year ago when I first met Gauher at his TLC Seminar in Toronto.  And I must admit, I have dropped off the wagon as far as PPC traffic is concerned.   Check the link above for the article I wrote at that time. Anyway, back to PPC.   After getting two Google Adwords accounts banned without good reason I became disenchanted with PPC even though it was profitable while I was doing it. For most of the past year, I’ve been focusing on other aspects of IM … Continue reading

I Hate Being Jerked Around! – Epic Traffic System

I’d like to think I am nobody’s fool but at this point I am not sure! Back in June or July I invested in Epic Traffic System. This is the combined “brainchild” of Keith Baxter, Joey Smith and Jon Shuggart. Now let me say, I think these guys are all very bright internet marketers and visionary in their concepts of what may work in IM. But… they are missing the boat on customer follow-up and service. They combined to create Epic Traffic System. Marketing of this product was both flashy and compelling with contests and great video promos. “It seemed … Continue reading