Thanksgiving 2011 – “Gratitude!”

Thanksgiving 2011 – “Gratitude!” As you may know, I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.  Our Canadian “Thanksgiving” was a month ago, in October.  But many of my friends and readers live in the US, Australia, UK, Philippines, etc and this is the magic of the internet.  Write a bit of text, click and boom….It is all over the globe. Is this something to give thanks for?  I believe it!   Yesterday, Nov 23rd over a foot of snow fell where we live.  This is very early for this much snow but as I look out my windows this morning … Continue reading

“THE System Seminar” – An Adventure

Early tomorrow (April 15th) I jump on a jet and head for Jersey City to attend Ken McCarthy’s “The System Seminar“. This event is arguably, the foremost internet marketing (and conventional marketing) seminar in existence.  I am looking forward to coming home with a new action plan and a whole new understanding of what it take to win the battle to earn and keep customers for a lifetime. The fist thing I plan to do upon return is to write a report on the top 10 things I have learned over the weekend and start implementation of anything that makes … Continue reading

“The Mousetrap Theory of Marketing”

  Remember the old saying about building a better mousetrap? Well here’s the real truth: “You Can Build a Better Mousetrap, But….. Unless it is marketed right you may still die broke With lots of great new mousetraps in your basement!” I don’t know exactly who said this but ain’t it true! I have been a student of marketing for many years and sooner or later I will get it right. There a basically two ways to build or exploit a market. The first is to build a product or service that you think will sell and then try and … Continue reading