SEO Experts Academy Review – Outstanding Value

SEO Experts Academy Review – This Program Really Kicks Butt! I am thrilled to share with you with my “SEO Experts Academy Review”.  Just got my hands on this program over this weekend and it really resonates with me because I like free traffic!  My team and I have focused our attention on building traffic using SEO techniques as our “main event”. So, anything that provides us with the best quality of SEO advice and training is number one in my books.  Obviously I have not had sufficient time to complete the training or implement the concepts over one weekend. … Continue reading

I Hate Being Jerked Around! – Epic Traffic System

I’d like to think I am nobody’s fool but at this point I am not sure! Back in June or July I invested in Epic Traffic System. This is the combined “brainchild” of Keith Baxter, Joey Smith and Jon Shuggart. Now let me say, I think these guys are all very bright internet marketers and visionary in their concepts of what may work in IM. But… they are missing the boat on customer follow-up and service. They combined to create Epic Traffic System. Marketing of this product was both flashy and compelling with contests and great video promos. “It seemed … Continue reading