How Are We Doing So Far?

Well….. This reply is for Mike and anyone else who wondered how I am making out with the “Clickbank Project” The short answer is not so shit hot! The longer answer is, I am not discouraged with this and will continue to maintain enthusiastic optimism, dogged determination,  or is it just bullheaded stubbornness! Truth is, we had three lousy weeks and I was a bit embarrassed to show my results but thankfully, things picked up a bit last week and we will keep plodding forward! I know it has been more than a week and for that I apologize. We … Continue reading

Making Money Using Clickbank?

Making Money Using Clickbank? Back a few months ago I told you I was going to make some money selling Clickbank digital products.  And I have, sort of! Here is my screenshot for the current month.  Pretty pathetic right? Oh well,  I didn’t say how much money and $159.83 ain’t much, but it also ain’t nothin’! I am showing you this bare assed for a reason. I have just joined a program that looks promising for Clickbank revenue generation. If I can believe the promo material of the vendor, I should have some sales from this within a few days. … Continue reading

Clickbank Masters USA ‘11 – Internet Marketing Convention

Clickbank Masters USA ‘11 conference was held in Orlando Fla, a few weeks back and I was able to attend while in Florida on Vacation.  So this was a great chance to learn more about Clickbank selling. As I mentioned in some of my earlier articles, I am working on building a solid revenue generation program using Clickbank products as the primary vehicle. For those still new to internet marketing, Clickbank is one of the major and long standing ‘Affiliate Networks”.  CB focuses primarily on digital products (e-books and courses on almost any topic you can imagine) and pays up … Continue reading