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SEO Link Monster Review — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the kind words regarding our Adsense course, and about the forum in particular.

    We’ve just announced a series of free live training – every other week – to supplement the course & forum, and have a list of nearly a dozen significant value-add features coming online over the next few weeks.

    Michael Ullman
    Author, “Adsense $100k Blueprint”

    • Michael, thanks and keep up the great work. I have to add that this is a great community to be part of and if anything, Adam’s and Michael’s A$100K and T$100K programs and products are under priced. There is a continuous delivery of value from a couple of the best “thinkers” in the industry. (As well as fabulous contribution by the members).


    • David,

      We have been using SEO Link Monster for only about 4 days and have already built over 90 posts with links in high value blogs. They are hosting a webinar tomorrow night with training for members.

      I have great hopes for the success of this tool. Only time will tell. I note that you promote SENuke and we do as well. SENuke is going to become an integral part of our strategy using SLM.

      Take care and thank for posting your comment!


      • We discontinued SEO Link Monster rather abruptly when the Google started deindexing similar blog sites. This is part of the old paradigm that is no longer effective. Focus has to be on Quality content and natural link building.

        We live and learn as we go!


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