PayPerClick Formula 3.0 – Worth Your Time (And Money)!

PayPerClick Formula 3.0  – Gauher Chaudhry, Worth Your Time (And Money)!

It was nearly a year ago when I first met Gauher at his TLC Seminar in Toronto.  And I must admit, I have dropped off the wagon as far as PPC traffic is concerned.   Check the link above for the article I wrote at that time.

Anyway, back to PPC.   After getting two Google Adwords accounts banned without good reason I became disenchanted with PPC even though it was profitable while I was doing it.

For most of the past year, I’ve been focusing on other aspects of IM but PPC still holds a great deal of interest partly because it is so fast and totally scaleable.  But the IM landscape has been constantly changing and what was easy only a year or so ago has now become more challenging.

Gauher’s courses and live events have been trail blazers for me and many others.  Mostly because the man is direct, honest to a fault and constantly seeking new ways to play the IM game.  Frankly, he is brilliant and very worth your while following.  Gauher appeals to me personally because of his “No BS” approach and after all, that is what this site is all about.  He is also a Canadian so he gets extra brownie points for this!

Gauher and his family have also been through some tough stuff personally with a serious cancer affecting his son Shaan and shaking his world.  We all go through these life altering events and they are tough.  I have had some over the past year too and it makes you question everything you do.

So….Gauher Chaudhry has recently released his latest Training course on PPC marketing, PayPerClick Formula 3.0 which addresses the new realities of IM and the way to play the game and win outside of Google.  For many of us this has just become too difficult….investing a lot of time and money and having your account banned.

There is absolutely a whole world outside of Google for paid traffic and PayPerClick Formula 3.0 addresses the many ways to build a solid Internet marketing business and providing powerful income streams outside the traditional Google Adwords program.

Personally, I have just started the course and the information that is coming out of it is nothing short of amazing.

If you are going to make one major investment in IM training I highly recommend you purchase and implement PayPerClick Formula 3.0.  At $997 it is not cheap But… it is an interactive and dynamic program of training videos, PDF’s and live examples plus an excellent forum and a regular mentoring  program which will take all of the members through the various modules, plans and opportunities over the next few weeks.  The timing is right to get in right now if your IM efforts have become tired.

Just do it!

PS:  I will be letting you inside my progress while I study and implement this training.  I will share my successes and failures with you and hope to get some great commentary back from you once you too begin implementing.

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