Making Money Using Clickbank?

Clickbank this month

Clickbank Results Sept 27th

Making Money Using Clickbank?

Back a few months ago I told you I was going to make some money selling Clickbank digital products.  And I have, sort of!

Here is my screenshot for the current month. 

Pretty pathetic right?

Oh well,  I didn’t say how much money and $159.83 ain’t much, but it also ain’t nothin’!

I am showing you this bare assed for a reason.

I have just joined a program that looks promising for Clickbank revenue generation.

If I can believe the promo material of the vendor, I should have some sales from this within a few days.

It took less than five minutes to set up and maybe, just maybe….it will work.  So I am going to show you my screenshot of my account in a weeks time and if I make a couple sales on CB I should break even and if…..I can make a sale a day then I am in the money big time.

So stay tuned, I’m not going to sell this to you now.  I want to see first if it works.

So….No Link, No Nuttin’.

Stay Tuned!


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