How Are We Doing So Far?

Clickbank Results Oct 25th

Oh Well!


This reply is for Mike and anyone else who wondered how I am making out with the “Clickbank Project”

The short answer is not so shit hot!

The longer answer is, I am not discouraged with this and will continue to maintain enthusiastic optimism, dogged determination,  or is it just bullheaded stubbornness!

Truth is, we had three lousy weeks and I was a bit embarrassed to show my results but thankfully, things picked up a bit last week and we will keep plodding forward!

I know it has been more than a week and for that I apologize.

We are using some SEO strategies and tools that are helping to build traffic.  And I believe the results are going to come.  Our adsense revenue continues to grow.

Stay tuned and sorry this is a mini post.  Still working on landscaping projects and tree sales.

IM work will pick up as soon as I get all my plants put to bed.

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