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Commission Domination – Overpromised…Underdelivered! — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for your review. I had the same exact problem and after reading this I decided to canceled my hosting instead of waiting for a reply. I’ve sent two emails and still have not got a response.

    • Thanks Kevin,

      I canceled through Clickbank and got full refund within a day. I had bought two of the upsells as well. This program was a disappointment because I want it to work!

      The ‘Training” Webinar really pissed me off, just another damn sales pitch.

      Go figure.


  2. Thanks Paul,

    I had the same experience. I was immediately dissapointed once I logged into the members area since I had expected so much more based on the promises from the sales video. But I figured it would be worth the $47 to get a few sites built and the template looked pretty cool. So, of course, nothing loaded, software did not work like they showed in the videos and could’nt get any help. Fortunately, I did not buy any upsells and clickbank was quick to refund (yea clickbank). Now, who do call to get back the time I lost messing around with this junk.

    By the way, found your site googling the ‘bonus’ you spoke about, seems anik owns that one too.


  3. Hi,
    Thank you Paul for your comments about Anik Singal’s Commission Domination product, as i was going to purchase it this week, however, reading both you & Kevin’s comments, I’m very disappointed in Mr Singal, as i found comments abt him on other sites that said, he apologised for the “Hype” in his sales pitch and, seemed he was actually going to be honest about how he goes about selling his products, Well, miracles do happen!!!!
    I also like you fell for the “Hype” & am really worried about $97 been taken out of my account by clickbank! I thought it was a MONTH! not 7 DAYS!! to try the Business Domination suite?? (The Business in a box) How do i stop clickbank from taking that money out of my Bank Account?

    This guy should be stopped scamming people! But hey, at least i found your blog, & now i know for sure, he’s just another “SCAMMER!” Thanks guys!! you saved me more money!! Just difficult to find anything negative on him, maybe he somehow gets his own ranking in google high up with loads of good reviews, so you have to look harder to find the truth….People should definitely know that each “video” each “webinar” he’s plugging someone elses products, & his own for hugh amounts,(last webinar, was something in the region of $900!)
    I say EXPOSE HIM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!! yes, it’s very deceptive of his to keep wanting more & more money for a product when, you thought you’d bought it all in the first payment! That’s the deception i suppose, there’s always another “Domain name” another “website” etc, AND THAT WILL KEEP ON COSTING YOU! even the people he advises you to get to host or buy domain from, i’m sure he keeps getting commissions for his pointing people in their direction!

  4. I totally agree with your evaluation of Commission Domination. The concept of the product was promising but unfortunately this training was a botched job. I sent several emails about technical problems I had trying to make this working but only the first one was answered. After two weeks, I decided I had enough and I cancelled every thing with ClickBank and fortunately that part went well. There was a problem though with the “Bonus Offer” Niche Business Domination. I had to provide my credit card information to access that “Bonus Offer”. This was supposed to be a 30 Days Free Trial Offer. There was one catch. There was no information on how you can opt-out of that “free trial”; there was no email, phone number, or address provided on the website. This website name is MyClickBankBusiness.com to make sure you are totally confused. So what I was expecting happened when I checked my Credit Card account on line. There was a charge of $97.00 from Synaptic Marketing. I am now trying to cancel that charge with the credit card company. I had also disabled this credit card to make sure I will not be charged again. I was not expecting such an unethical behavior from someone who is well known as an Internet Marketer. Apparently building relationship and trust are key ingredients to succeed as an Internet Marketer. From now on, anything related to Anik Singal will discarded in record time.

  5. I think I also have been scammed by the “Bonus” for the Commission Domination product. I have had no reply from the Commission Domination support email. I bought a hosting package at the same time and the first email I got from “Synaptic Marketing” relates to the order for that not the “Bonus” – very confusing. Anik says on his website he hates negative people, and in the Commission Domination video moans about scammers – I have bought many products from the internet but never been scammed until now.

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