What The Hell Do We Do Now?

What The Hell Do We Do Now? – See What Gauher Chaudhry Has To Say! I have been in business for over 30 years.  In every business there are a number of stakeholders, all of whom provide value to the overall business. In most cases the most important of these are customers/clients, “Those who buy your stuff”, and vendors, “Those who supply materials or services to make your business work”. Every business worth its salt treats both sides of the business equation with equal value and respect. Because……each are essential to the business. Although, another rant about Google would seem … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2011 – “Gratitude!”

Thanksgiving 2011 – “Gratitude!” As you may know, I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.  Our Canadian “Thanksgiving” was a month ago, in October.  But many of my friends and readers live in the US, Australia, UK, Philippines, etc and this is the magic of the internet.  Write a bit of text, click and boom….It is all over the globe. Is this something to give thanks for?  I believe it!   Yesterday, Nov 23rd over a foot of snow fell where we live.  This is very early for this much snow but as I look out my windows this morning … Continue reading

How Are We Doing So Far?

Well….. This reply is for Mike and anyone else who wondered how I am making out with the “Clickbank Project” The short answer is not so shit hot! The longer answer is, I am not discouraged with this and will continue to maintain enthusiastic optimism, dogged determination,  or is it just bullheaded stubbornness! Truth is, we had three lousy weeks and I was a bit embarrassed to show my results but thankfully, things picked up a bit last week and we will keep plodding forward! I know it has been more than a week and for that I apologize. We … Continue reading

“THE System Seminar” – An Adventure

Early tomorrow (April 15th) I jump on a jet and head for Jersey City to attend Ken McCarthy’s “The System Seminar“. This event is arguably, the foremost internet marketing (and conventional marketing) seminar in existence.  I am looking forward to coming home with a new action plan and a whole new understanding of what it take to win the battle to earn and keep customers for a lifetime. The fist thing I plan to do upon return is to write a report on the top 10 things I have learned over the weekend and start implementation of anything that makes … Continue reading

Grimm’s Law –“Everything Takes Longer Than it Takes”

Ok, so what the heck am I talking about! Simple…no matter what you do in life, stuff gets in the way and it takes longer to get almost anything done than you plan I know what my problem is, there is just too much interesting stuff out there!  And too much to do.  And…if you are a lifetime student of life and business and anything else that floats your boat….. There is just never enough time to get it all done. So…what’s a guy or gal going to do? Are we going to get sucked in by the next shiny … Continue reading