SEO Link Monster Review

SEO Link Monster Review Is SEO Link Monster the tool of the year for SEO? Let me back up a bit! I have been getting pretty frustrated over the past month or so with more seemingly punitive changes to the Google algorithm. As in one of my previous articles on Adsense, we have been focusing on building an Adsense based business but with a twist.  This has included a subscription to A$100K.  (Adsense $100 K Blueprint Program).  I appreciate the teachings of Michael Ullman and Adam Franklin who have developed a process which I believe can be followed to a … Continue reading

SEO Experts Academy Review – Outstanding Value

SEO Experts Academy Review – This Program Really Kicks Butt! I am thrilled to share with you with my “SEO Experts Academy Review”.  Just got my hands on this program over this weekend and it really resonates with me because I like free traffic!  My team and I have focused our attention on building traffic using SEO techniques as our “main event”. So, anything that provides us with the best quality of SEO advice and training is number one in my books.  Obviously I have not had sufficient time to complete the training or implement the concepts over one weekend. … Continue reading

Making Money Using Clickbank?

Making Money Using Clickbank? Back a few months ago I told you I was going to make some money selling Clickbank digital products.  And I have, sort of! Here is my screenshot for the current month.  Pretty pathetic right? Oh well,  I didn’t say how much money and $159.83 ain’t much, but it also ain’t nothin’! I am showing you this bare assed for a reason. I have just joined a program that looks promising for Clickbank revenue generation. If I can believe the promo material of the vendor, I should have some sales from this within a few days. … Continue reading

Earning With Adsense – Working For Me!

Ok,….2 post in one day, not my usual style but I promised to tell you how Adsense is working for me in one of my recent posts. First of all, “What is Adsense”?…in case you do not know! Simply, “Adsense” is Google’s program of placing “Adwords” ads, either text or banner, on host’s websites in a contextual manner so that the viewer can click on ads relevant to the host site and to their interests.  (This is determined by the search query that the “Googler” types in to the search box. The host is paid a fee every time a … Continue reading

SENukeX – “Holy Grail of SEO Tools”

SENukeX – “Holy Grail of SEO Tools” A while back I told you about SENuke a remarkable piece of automation software for building links and carrying out SEO programs. Well, as promised the Senuke team has just released SENukeX. This monumental software is about to redefine the whole area of SEO automation. Just got my hands on it last week and am already seeing improvements in my SERP rankings on my sites.  And I have only had a chance so far to run a couple nuke campaigns. I am going to say without question that this program is not only … Continue reading