Making Money Using Clickbank?

Making Money Using Clickbank? Back a few months ago I told you I was going to make some money selling Clickbank digital products.  And I have, sort of! Here is my screenshot for the current month.  Pretty pathetic right? Oh well,  I didn’t say how much money and $159.83 ain’t much, but it also ain’t nothin’! I am showing you this bare assed for a reason. I have just joined a program that looks promising for Clickbank revenue generation. If I can believe the promo material of the vendor, I should have some sales from this within a few days. … Continue reading

PayPerClick Formula 3.0 – Worth Your Time (And Money)!

PayPerClick Formula 3.0  – Gauher Chaudhry, Worth Your Time (And Money)! It was nearly a year ago when I first met Gauher at his TLC Seminar in Toronto.  And I must admit, I have dropped off the wagon as far as PPC traffic is concerned.   Check the link above for the article I wrote at that time. Anyway, back to PPC.   After getting two Google Adwords accounts banned without good reason I became disenchanted with PPC even though it was profitable while I was doing it. For most of the past year, I’ve been focusing on other aspects of IM … Continue reading