Earning With Adsense – Working For Me!

Ok,….2 post in one day, not my usual style but I promised to tell you how Adsense is working for me in one of my recent posts. First of all, “What is Adsense”?…in case you do not know! Simply, “Adsense” is Google’s program of placing “Adwords” ads, either text or banner, on host’s websites in a contextual manner so that the viewer can click on ads relevant to the host site and to their interests.  (This is determined by the search query that the “Googler” types in to the search box. The host is paid a fee every time a … Continue reading

Commission Domination – Overpromised…Underdelivered!

Sometimes, a sales video on a new product is so compelling you say wow!….If this works it could be gold.  Anik Singal’s latest product, Commission Domination is just that kind of a deal. Except… It just doesn’t work! The sales video was very well done and the concept, building new niche websites with pre-optimized theme and keyword research all done for you, niche selection,  and even an intelligent method of choosing Clickbank products or other monetization, plus traffic.  The whole thing could be allow you to build these sites by filling in a few fields and click…. But… the sites … Continue reading

If You Like Great Free Stuff…This Is For You

  I have been a bit delinquent in posting…sorry!  I operate a pretty substantial business which takes a lot of time, particularly in the spring and summer I apologize to those who follow me and want to hear what I have to say. I don’t make my living doing this;  so far I call it a hobby.  (Or maybe an obsession!) But….! I am seeing some good results on some of the IM stuff I am doing and will report these to you in good time. Today I want to tell you about something pretty exciting. You may recall that … Continue reading