The Night of the “Decembinator”

The Night of the “Decembinator” Every so often we get a “reality check”.  This past week was one of those times. Living on the East coast of North America in Nova Scotia we often get bad weather from the south and from the center of the continent as well, depending on the “jet stream” and other factors. Most often these weather patterns are referred to as “Nor’easters” because of the circular patterns of the wind which usually blow in from the North East. Of course, in any cyclonic pattern it depends on where the storm hits as far as ferocity … Continue reading

New Project – Making Clickbank Work For Me!

New Project – Making Clickbank Work For Me! Ok….I have started something new and hope you will follow along with me. I am working on a project that combines 3 programs and software with the objective of hitting at least $1000/day in Clickbank sales and I am giving myself 2 months to do this. I am going to start by disclosing my present Clickbank income in the interest of telling it like it is. Here is my “infamous CB screenshot” from the past four weeks, nothing yet this week which started today. Not too impressive…right? Once I find out if … Continue reading

I Hate Being Jerked Around! – Epic Traffic System

I’d like to think I am nobody’s fool but at this point I am not sure! Back in June or July I invested in Epic Traffic System. This is the combined “brainchild” of Keith Baxter, Joey Smith and Jon Shuggart. Now let me say, I think these guys are all very bright internet marketers and visionary in their concepts of what may work in IM. But… they are missing the boat on customer follow-up and service. They combined to create Epic Traffic System. Marketing of this product was both flashy and compelling with contests and great video promos. “It seemed … Continue reading